Birthday parties

For all the young chocolate lovers who want to spend an especially sweet birthday we offer exclusive birthday parties at the SchokoMuseum! You can choose between our  Packages: “Happy Birthday”, “Find Montezumas Treasure“  and “Magic Birthday” (incl. magic show with our chocolate magician Merlix).

Further information at:
01/667 21 10 19




You can choose between the following workshops:

Workshop 1: Chocolates

For those who want to prove themselves as confectioners, this workshop is a must-try! Create your individual confectionery with finest nougat and exquisite marzipan, cover it with melted chocolate and decorate it with various delicious extras like cracknels, hazelnuts and coconut.

Workshop 2: Delicious Chocolate Balls

This workshop is perfect for all passionate artists and those who want to become one! Sweet pralines are made from nougat and coco-marzipan masses, then decorated to suit your mood.


Download and print invitations for your child’s birthday party!