Our responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility are high priorities at Heindl. As central themes, these important topics are respected in all departments – from the selection of regional products, to the use of only fair cocoa, to clever energy production or use. In October 2014, the entire Heindl and Pischinger assortment was converted to 100% fair trade cocoa and the largest private photovoltaic system in Vienna was installed directly on the roof of the chocolate museum. Since then, it has provided the entire hot water demand of all production steps.

As far as possible, all ingredients and raw materials takes are obtained regionally by Austrian suppliers. This prevents long transport routes and relieves the environment.


Further details about quality and sustainability can be found here: @HEINDL Homepage

Why Fairtrade?


The FAIRTRADE program enables farming families to sell their cocoa beans according to FAIRTRADE conditions

Products with the FAIRTRADE cocoa certification ensure fair minimum prices for the farming families’ cocoa beans. In addition, they get a FAIRTRADE bonus for social and health projects, infrastructure and education

Child labor and forced labor are prohibited

Fair working conditions and environmental measures are additional important parts of a fair production in developing countries

FLO-CERT is an independent monitoring organization which monitors the goods and money flow of the whole supply chain back to the origin

Mass balance: There are some products where traceability is difficult to achieve or can actually be detrimental to farmers, because it wouldn’t be economically reasonable. The companies may mix Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade products during the manufacturing process as long as the actual volumes of sales on Fairtrade terms are tracked and audited through the supply chain.

More Info hier: www.fairtrade.at/programm


Our high standards concerning quality also includes our packaging. We put great emphasis on attractive designs for our chocolate boxes as well as on environmental sustainability. Furthermore, it is important for us to only use environmentally friendly materials.

Quality & freshness combined with tradition & innovation – that’s our philosophy and a promise to our customers.



Every enterprise is only as great as its employees. Each day, they strive for quality & freshness as they combine long-term experience and know-how for our everyday sweetness. Besides high-quality materials, our highly qualified and enthusiastic employees guarantee happy customers and therefore our sweet success.

Because know-how and motivation of our employees have made us what we are today!